of the Ninth Level


(Pictured: Asmodeus during the Siege of Greygate)

A hulking beast, standing eight feet tall with two curved horns coming from his head. At his most recent sighting, he had transformed from the feeble body of the old man Leland Chambers into a terrifying creature, muscles and claws bursting from loose skin and weak legs.

He wields an ornate greatsword, on it intricate runes glow red when empowered.


Asmodeus, leader of the Ninth Level of Hell, orchestrated led the demonic onslaught on the Mortal Plane during the Siege of Greygate. Commanding armies of demons, he attempted to create a plane of total darkness, but was thwarted by a group of heroes in his ritual’s final moments.

Bound to the material plane in this way, Asmodeus scoured the land in search of his fabled blade. Upon finding it, he deceived a group of adventurers to reunite him with his sword. His whereabouts have been unknown since.

Know this:
I am the end.
- Asmodeus, upon his exit of Undvik.


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