The Floweress

of Crookback Bog


What was once just a strong, black mare now stands at an impressive ten feet tall. It’s legs ripple with some form of astral, white hot energy that also makes up its glowing mane and tail. A bleached, stark white skull sits in place of its once lively head.

A whisper comes from within the skull:

“Once I was flesh, I shall be flesh once more. Once I was free, I shall be free once more.”


The Floweress was, at one time, the fourth sister of the Kindly Women of Crookback Bog. As a true force of nature, the Floweress attempted to maintain balance in the Crones’ doing. Becoming a hindrance to their path to total control and power, her sisters ripped her soul from her body and left it to wander, lost.

The soul came to root in what became known as ‘The Whispering Hillock’, a mound of bones in the forests outside of the town of Downwarren. From the tangled roots within, the fourth sister bid her time and called out to the local populace for help. As they were already allied with the Kindly Women, the townspeople paid the whispers no heed and ignored the dying spirit.

Eventually, the Whispering Hillock drew townspeople in on her own accord, feeding on their material bodies for sustenance and keeping her existence a secret.

The party came across the Floweress while completing a favor for the Ealdorman, looking into the recent disappearances of adults in Downwarren. After discussing with her, they were given two options:

Kill the Floweress, or set the Floweress free.

The party collected the three things necessary to complete the resurrection ritual: the black of raven feathers, her material remains, and a swift (and very) black wild mare. Upon completing the concoction, they had the horse drink deeply from a pool of the Floweress’ pouring life essence. It submerged it’s head, and arose as described.

After running out of the Hillock, the Floweress is rumored to have run into Downwarren, kicked Odelina in the head (killing her instantly), setting fire to the Peletier crop, and jettisoning off into the distance. She is suspected to have removed all of the children under the Kindly Women’s control from Crookback Bog.

The Floweress

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